Pecha Kucha Madrid Vol. 12

Perú / 2012

/ /

Client Description: This edition of Pecha Madrid will feature 12 speakers: Lo Siento, graphic design; LOTOCOHO, jewelry; Xavier Aguiló, Structures, BOMAINPASA; Pico Pao, artisan toys; PKMN, architecture collective; Ciszak Dalmas, product design; Unostiposduros, typography; Rocío Sánchez Rubal, Architect; Fernando Estirado Oliet, Cotta Architects; Juan Ramón Martín Muñoz, Sculpture; Fernando de Porras-Isla, Architect; Ana Valenzuela, Estudio Verval.

Organized by Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver ( in  collaboration with Madrid Think Tank ( and LASEDE COAM (

Brief: Poster for Madrid PechaKucha on its 12th edition.

Approach and solution: A special date 12/12/12 as Mayas predict the end of the world will happen on December 2012 we used the concept of time, as the same concept of the presentation PechaKucha is about, a limited time fore each slide.
A clock with no hands to stop time or at least think about it.


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