Casa Andina was founded in 2003, not only to host guests but travellers, explorers and the curious minded.
With 27 properties in the main destinations in Perú, we were recently commissioned to develop a new brand, a visual articulation of Casa Andina main purpose: to create authentic experiences that surpass travellers expectations.Our objective was to create a straightforward mark, even literal.
Casa Andina means “Andean House”, the trapezoid shape recurs constantly throughout Inca architecture, which was repeated in doorways, windows and interior wall niches in temples and fortresses.
A simple mark but also a clean system that allows the brand to show and contain mysterious landscapes, remote villages, archaeological sites, the Peruvian cultural wealth, both past, and present. A hotel with a view, a friendly invitation to Perú.


Design directors: Himi Saito & Richars Meza. Brand Strategy: Luben Petkoff.
Some of the photos courtesy of Javier Falcon, McKay Savage & Schmeer.





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