Nuevo Escudo Peruano

Lima / 11.07.2014

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Refreshing the image of Perú by applying branding to the national symbol.

In July 2014 IS Creative Studio announced the redesign of the National Coat of arms of Peru, to be presented on July 28, 2014 (coinciding with the anniversary of the independence of Peru) and start officially applying by the Peruvian government and public institutions starting 2015.

This project was conceived by our own initiative and not through any direct request of the government. Such a change would require a supreme decree or a law passed in Congress and/or anything that involved a change of this nature.

We wanted to take it seriously, as though it had been commissioned by the government itself. Our intentions were to raise awareness and question of whether an update of the national symbols would generate an interest in Peruvians to take pride over our national emblem. The power in the symbols would compel us to not only wear it once a year on the flag, but in everyday life, for example, on our clothing. This project was to generate greater patriotism for Peruvians and identification with their our country.

And above all, a change to rejuvenate the country’s image by making it more modern. Therefore, through our proposal, we hope to bring awareness, and it may possibly arise at some point as something to be taken into consideration. The project was carried out with the respect and professionalism that the national symbols deserve.

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Hemos tomado el escudo como una marca que necesitaba modernizarse redibujando los símbolos, mejorado las proporciones sin perder su escencia dando mayor legibilidad.



Stationery 0468 2014-07-10

Stationery 0422 2014-07-10

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The symbols were designed to function independently in a more casual and contemporary way.


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