Madrid Street Art Project

Madrid / 2013

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Client description: Madrid Street Art Project is a nonprofit association dedicated to support and enjoy street art in the city of Madrid. Through organizing various activities such as guided tours, workshops and wxhibitions want to encourage citizens to enjoy urban art, promote and support its creators.

Brief: Create a graphic image for the Madrid Street Art Projec that promote Madrid urban culture. The city is their inspiration and workshop.
The challenge is to create a bold clear logo and image avoiding clichés of graffity and hand made work to creating an image that stands out from the artist work.

Approach and Solution: Street art is art, specifically visual art, developed in public spaces — that is, “in the streets” in this case in the streets of Madrid. One of the goals of MSAP is to be a guide to discover where the artist’s work is located, and what is trying to tell us. Our inspiration was simple, Madrid streets city maps and the arrows of the streets showing us different directions. All roads lead to street art.

Client Statement: “We had been months thinking and focusing all our efforts to launch Madrid Street Art Project, but we could not be able to imagine how to represent our brand graphically even though we had very clear what we want and what not.
When we finally decided to contact “IS” to to take responsibility for the creation of our graphic identity. The day of the presentation of the graphic proposal, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, they had just captured the essence of the project so precisely it was amazing! We can certainly say that that day MSAP was born.”
Diana Prieto.
Director & Co-Founder MSAP.

The task was to create an identity that didn’t imitate street artists’ work. To come up with the concept, we relied on the city streets where street art was born and lives.


Due to the diverse activities of this project, we thought that the identity of Madrid Street Art Project should be very flexible. We developed a logo that looks like a map and in the shape of streets of a lively city. Streets often lead us in opposite directions to our destination and we think this is a great representation of what street art invites us to think about.

MSAP is a project devised by two urban art lovers and experts in culture, Martin and Diana Prieto Martín and Guillermo de la Madrid. More information on Madrid Street Art Project website.

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