LAD – Latin American Design

Lima / 2013

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Client description: LAD, is an organisation created to serve as a platform with the aim of promoting Latin American Design worldwide.

Brief: To create a brand that can tell about the variety of cultures and colours that live in Latin American countries and not identify with an specific country itself. It has to represent the passion of the people and its intensity in a fresh and strong way.

Approach: The logo represents that beautiful moment when on a long brainstorming the great idea hits you like a lightning. For the brand colors we didn’t want to associate the brand to a single corporate color, we got inspired on the multicolour feel of the psychedelic tropical cumbia, it reflects the strength and vitality of the region.

Client statement: The main idea for LAD is to raise awareness and to build a united community of Latin American designers creating a solid platform to share knowledge supporting educational endeavors.
IS Creative worked an all phases of design rising a compelling case with all visual information from various countries across diverse fields of study (Design, Art, Literature, Architecture and Gastronomy).
The result is a powerful graphic identity that accurately represents what Latin America design is and this great development not only economic but also cultural.


The logo represents that beautiful moment when the great idea hits you while brainstorming for a long time.

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