Ficciones Asiáticas: Catalog

Lima / 2011


Client Description: Ficciones Asiáticas is an exhibition created by Begihandi, a Basque cultural association that has created the International Photography festival, Getxophoto. In 2009, they presented Ficciones Asiáticas (Asian fictions), an exhibition curated by Alejandro Castellote. In 2011, the exhibition was brought to Lima, Perú.

Brief: We were approached to design the graphic identity for the exhibition of eleven photographers that, for the first time in Perú, brought together eleven great artists whose work illustrate photographs of Asian creative effervescence that is taking place in China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Approach and solution: We chose the colour red as it is very present in Asian culture and used angles in the typeface to represent the high detail in the artists’ work that aren’t visible until you look closely.

The challenge was to represent the new Asian photographers while avoiding cliches of Asian iconography.

Aspects of the angular typography were also brought into the design of the invitations.

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