Encubrimientos: Exhibition

Madrid / 2010


Client description: Encubrimientos is an exhibition organized by the Instituto Cervantes, an institution that was founded by the Spanish government in 1991 to promote the Spanish language and Spanish and Hispanic American culture. The central head office of the institution is located in Madrid. ENCUBRIMIENTOS, is the exhibition organized by the Cervantes Institute in the framework of the festival PHotoEspaña in 2010.

Brief: Encubrimientos (cover-ups) is the ironic of “Discoveries” the name that AECI gives to the review and selection of Latin American photographers work to display at the festival. Image should be modern and fresh avoiding Latin American cultural clichés.

Approach and solution: On the concept of cover-ups we found to the ‘lenticular’ material, which is the material that shows different images depending on what angle you look at.
We use lenticular on the cover and back cover and for the design of signage exhibition, and imitate the effect on the typography. Black and white not colorful.


Using the concept of “concealments”, we took the exhibition hall of Cervantes and created a dark atmosphere with gray walls and floor and used black ribbon that covered and surrounded the exhibition hall.

The signage was made up of lenticular material which seemed perfect for this concept because it could display different images depending on the angle that it was viewed at.

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