Interior / Exterior

Mexico DF / 2013

Client description: Tygre is a new film production company based in Mexico DF.
The film “interior/exterior” by the Mexican director Mauricio Novello is a trip to the anthropological and poetic universe of Japanese thinking guided by the voices of art.
The documental approaches a way of conceiving the world trough eleven Japanese artists: Naoya Hatakeyama (photographer), Makoto Aida (artist), Kenji Yanobe (sculptor), Katsushige Nakahashi (artist), Nakajima Natsu (Butoh dancer), Tadao Ando (architect), Daisuke Nagaoka (illustrator), Shinji Ohmaki (installation), Asuka Cho (tatoo artist), Tomoko Inagaki (performance installation) and Kotaro Hatch (calligrapher).

Brief: Create a poster for the documentary film that represents the Japanese concept of art and beauty. The poster and movie will be screening on international film festivals mostly outside Japan.

Approach and solution:
The design is based on three concepts of Japanese aesthetics: the nothingness, MA 幽 and Yugen, in addition to the shade and the Japanese concept of hidden beauty.


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